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    Urensoft Interactive Multimedia Bluetooth Controller, iPad hardware integration just got beautiful-er.

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    Stunning Lighting installation situated in Circular Quay designed by Simon Grimes. Wirelessly connected for today's IoT.

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    Web Application for geocode location data mapping.

  • Open Source: Koala

    A video tutorial on how to do Image-processing in the Koala Programming Language developed by Urensoft, spoken by Tim.

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    The P Human is a software experiment designed to help us visualize the migration of humans from a set of behavioural patterns. The P Human handles a population size of tens of millions with hundreds of unique simulated interactions spanning many generations. The large amount of data processing requires efficient memory management, which is achieved through code optimization.

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The P Human

The Program

Here's what happens when you press the start button:
 Each simulated individual in the population (black / red pixel) will start meeting a number of other individuals, they will interact with each other and in this process the P values of both individuals can be altered. They are assessing members of the opposite sex as suitable mates, if the potential mate has the highest P value encountered thus far, their P value is recorded as the individual's Most Impressive P (MIP) value. In order for marriage to occur, an individual's P value must be greater than or equal to their potential partner's standards value and vice versa. Standards are mostly unique to everyone and are a function of their fertility window. As their fertility window shortens, there will be a drop in standards to find a suitable mate, this ensures a stable population size. If two individuals are married, they physically relocate to the location of whoever has the higher P value and their child will be born on an adjacent pixel to visually represent a community. Each generation children become adults and the algorithm is run again.

It is assumed that any Individual with a P value of 1:
 1. Will have progeny,
 2. Will not have their P value effected by lower P values,
 3. Will have children who also have a P value of 1,

 and that the rest:
 1. Will have their P values altered through interaction.
 2. Will have children with P values based on that of the same sex parent,

All individuals:
1. Are monogamous,

The P Value
A decimal between 0 and 1 representing a person's perceived desirability for reproduction.

Most Impressive P (MIP) Value
The highest P value of a person of the opposite sex, found through interaction.

An Individual's P value will change through interaction with others. If the individual is interacting with someone with a higher P value than their own, their P value will be increased. If both values are the same, no change occurs. Lastly, if the connection has a lower P value, the individual's P value is decreased. The amount interaction changes an individual's P value is determined by their P shift; a product of their vulnerability and adaptability:

 pshift = va
 v = 1 - Pm
 a = | Pc - Pi | / n 

 where n is the destined number of connections for the individual, Pi is the P value of the individual and Pc is the P value of the connection.

Total Connections
This is the number of times an individual can meet and interact with another during their fertility window. An individual may meet with any other despite their geographical location or gender due as is acredited to telecommunications. (When the "Average Switch" is disabled, each individual's Total Connections is randomly generated to be an integer less than the value specified.)

Fertility Window
The period in which procreation can occur between a males and females, during this period an individual's:
 connection count > 0 connection count < total connections


The number of children born to each couple is based on the Total Fertility Rate entered by the user, children will inherit the P value from their same sex parent, unless they are children of a P1 individual, in which case their P value will be 1 automatically.

Once married a human is no longer available for procreation with other humans, however they will still effect someones MIP value through interaction. In order for marriage to occur, each partner's P value must exceed the other's Standards value.

Standards are calculated from the following equation:

 standards = -x² ﹢ m
 where x is the progression of time through the fertility window ( connection count / total connections ), and m is the individual's MIP value.


1. Two individuals will occupy the same space, a solution has not been implemented due to the impact on the CPU. When this happens, highlighted (red) individuals will be given priority to be rendered.
 2. It is a possibility for an individual with a P value of 1 to not marry when others do not meet their standards, as a result they will not produce offspring. These individuals may be outside of the scope of the application given its 1024x667 resolution.


1. “Total Fertility Rate.” Central Intelligence Agency: The World Factbook. N.p., 2014. Web. 29 Sept. 2014.


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